Township Library-A Need of Our City

Field Name
Newspaper Ledger Standard
Date April 9, 1873
Day of Issue Wednesday
Page 4
Column 1
Persons Mentioned
Description There are but few of our citizens who are aware of the great value, as a source from which many of our citizens obtain books for use, of the Township Library, in the office of the Township Trustee at the Court House. We learn that there are now in the library of this township in charge of the Trustee, about 1,200 volumes, many of them useful. From this library large numbers of books are drawn by our citizens, read and returned. For the past five years there has been no appropriation on the part of the State to replenish these libraries and as a consequence many of the books are well work and need rebinding in order to preserve them for the future. It would be a matter of economy on the part of the County Commissioners to make an appropriation to put these books in good repair, to save them from ultimate destruction at no early day, and we have no doubt the public would approve a small annual appropriation to make such additions as are necessary to meet the demands of those who are compelled to rely upon this collection for books for their perusal. Our wealthier citizens, who are ably to supply their owns wants in this particular, can appreciate the necessity of a free public library, to which the masses can resort for such intellectual recreation as good, serviceable books alone can supply. Many of our large cities have been secured for the use of the public very excellent libraries by voluntary subscriptions, and are maintaining them with a liberality which evinces a proper appreciation of the benefits conferred. Indianapolis has just opened a fine public library of over 10,000 volumes. These are arranged in a spacious hall, and are accessible to all citizens. While we should be gratified to find that the Township Library was in better condition, yet it cannot be expected to supply the place of such a library as that just opened at Indianapolis, or which our neighbors across the river can now boast. Let steps be taken at an early day to give to our citizens a free library, that shall reflect creditable upon the liberality of our people and prove a benefit to all who may resort to its shelves.
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